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In 2016, I flew to India  from UK for our first ever Management Meet. For us to say growth, from 10-15 people in 2011 we had reached to a 150 people great team and acquired part of business from our German parent.
After opening busy day, in a hotel room in India I was preparing for my next day presentation. The main agenda or I would say theme of meeting was "how we grow further while sustain what we had achieved by then".
In my opinion it was our team and style of working which helped us grow. Question was how we pass same values to our fast growing team down the chain and make success as a sure thing for them as well, while management can work on bigger things. This is when the term “Sustainable Delivery Model” struck to me.
A model which makes foundation strong so that you can build big and lasting. Strong processes, training next levels and participative management are some ingredients of Sustainable Delivery.
Through this website I am trying to share my experience and knowledge I have gained over 17 years of  working  in an entrepreneurial mind-set company.
I believe many of topics could help you build your own Sustainable Delivery Model.

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